How to Use Your Web-Cam

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I have done a large number of remote video interviews over the past few years. They’re getting to be more common now with G+ Hangouts and Skype conference calls becoming the norm for online communications.

If you are online for personal or professional reasons,  you more than likely will be called on for a video interview soon. With that said,  it is always good to look your best in a video chat session or simple… Read More

What Is Social Networking?

Have you ever done a Google Search for the phrase..What is social networking?  Really?!?!  Have you? 

Of course you are going to get the site…duh!  But really if you look further there is not very many attempts to define what social networking really is…or is not!  Outside of me trying of course.

I have been around the block a few times with social networking having created three social networks over the past ten years.  Two online and one offline.  I think I have a pretty good… Read More

How to Get Someone to Play Golf With You..Again.

iStock_000004244190XSmall Getting someone to play golf with you is sometimes easy to do, but if you don’t understand how to communicate with others or if everything has to be about You, it may be very hard to get someone to play golf with you again.

I am sure everyone has experienced a round of golf with someone you just do not get a long with.  In competitive golf that is kind of expected.  However, in business golf getting that second round… Read More